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Our Mission

The mission of the Training Division is to ensure that the citizens of Kingsville are served by highly-trained and ethical law enforcement Officers and Telecommunications personnel; to provide training that meets or exceeds standards set by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement; to provide newly-hired officers and Telecommunicators with instruction on Departmental Policy, General Orders, Rules and Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures.


The Kingsville Police Department began its training program in 1985 with the intent of internal training of our personnel. Over the years, our training program has evolved to include “host” training opportunities on a wide variety of topics for personnel from other departments. The training division strives to provide our officers with the best training that exceeds the current trends in law enforcement. The Kingsville Police Department Training Division is responsible for keeping officers current with TCOLE Training Mandates and ensuring that officers take the courses necessary to gain the next level of certification.

In-service Training

The Training Division is responsible for providing in-service training for all officers and Telecommunication Operators. Newly-hired Officers are required to perform classroom academics and perform physical/defensive tactics proficiency while attending basic in-service training. Newly-hired Officers will undergo Scenario-Based Training, Physical Training and Defensive Tactics, Professional Police Driving, DWI / SFST Training, Tactical Training with our SWAT Team, Traffic Stops and Simunitions Training. In addition, Trainees are provided instruction on the proper use of less than lethal weapons and firearms as well as other courses outlined in the mandatory in-service training schedule. The Trainees are evaluated through practical and written examinations.

Field Training Program

Graduates of the basic in-service will take the oath of office and begin a one year probationary period.  The probationary officer will be placed into a sixteen week Field Training Program. The sixteen week training consists of four phases of training with different Field Training Officers.

Phase 1: consists of four weeks along with two days observation.

Phase 2: consists of five weeks of training.

Phase 3: consists of five weeks of training.

Phase 4: will return to his/her original FTO two weeks of training.


During the sixteen weeks training period, the probationary officer’s progress will be monitored by their field training officer and will be evaluated on their progress.  The FTO Coordinator will oversee the probationary officers training and complete a weekly written evaluation report.   After the Field Training Program is complete, the probationary officer will be monitored by their Sergeant and a written evaluation will be completed at the end of each month.


Annual Re-certification and Continuing Education

The Training Division is also responsible for annual re-certification in the use of Firearms, TASER, and other less-than-lethal use of force options. The training division provides legislative updates and other mandatory courses for officers. Every officer in Texas is mandated to complete 40 hours of continuing education every two years. One of the most important aspects of the training division is to gather, organize and secure sufficient, competent documentation that proves a training course was taught in accordance with The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement guidelines.

Training Cadre

The Kingsville Police Department Training Division consists of a full time Training Coordinator/ FTO Coordinator, Three Field Training Sergeants, Eight Field Training Officers assigned to Patrol and Four Field Training Officers assigned to Detectives. The Kingsville Police Department has Twelve Instructors who are licensed through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE), as well as two Certified Firearm Instructors. The cadre includes four TASER Instructors, Two Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) Instructors, Two Defensive Driving Instructors, One TCIC/NCIC Instructor, Five ALERRT Instructors, Two Stop Stick Instructors, Two SFST Instructors, Two Safariland Less than Lethal Munitions Instructors, Two PepperBall Instructors/Armorers. In addition, the department has three certified Glock Armorer’s and two certified AR-15 Patrol Rifle Armorer’s. Most, if not all training, is available for TCOLE credit.

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