Kingsville Police Department

Training Rules


  1. Tobacco use is not allowed in any City of Kingsville facility.
  2. Cellular phones and other devices will be kept on silent or vibrate unless otherwise specified by instructor and/or Training Coordinator.
  3. Dress code: Kingsville Police Officers shall adhere to department policy pertaining to grooming and appearance. Unless otherwise noted, the dress code for students attending training is business casual attire.

Jeans are permitted if clean and free of holes and patches. Pants/Jeans have to be worn properly (no sagging). Shorts are not permitted unless specifically required (such as PT gear activities). Only closed-toed footwear is permissible – no sandals or flip flops.

Shirts with collars, business casual crewnecks, or V-neck shirts are acceptable; however, no T-shirts with offensive graphics or language are allowed. No apparel with political statements or messages. No exposed undergarments.

  1. No offensive language or offensive behavior.
  2. Students must make every effort to minimize the noise emanating from conversations in the hallways that may occur during class breaks. Students should not congregate in the main lobby; additionally, students should not congregate in the hallways to the point where it is difficult for others to pass through.
  3. Do not enter the staff area unless asked to do so by a staff member.
  4. Open carry of firearms is permitted with visibly worn department issued ID and badge.
  5. Please pick up your trash and keep the classrooms and break room clean.


Violating any of these rules may result in being denied admittance into or being removed from the class and/or training facility.

At the discretion of the Instructor any behavior or conduct not included above that is deemed to be disruptive or offensive may result in being denied admittance into or being removed from class and/or training facility.