Kingsville Police Department Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol Training

In 1997, Officers with the Kingsville Police Department went to Chief Garza with a request to start a KPD Bike Patrol.  Officers Munoz, Meyers, and Garza felt the need for such a division and volunteered to go on their own time and patrol just to get the program started.

Chief Garza agreed and the program was born.  Its effectiveness was realized greatly during Project 365 and the La Posada Parade.  During Project 365 the police department selected the project of cleaning  up the 500 block of W. Huisache of drugs, debris, truancy, weeds, and prostitution.  The officers that would go to this area in the police units were spotted long before they arrived in the block, however, the bike patrol was able to go into the area without being seen.

Officers purchased their own bikes to start the program.  Then, a local citizen donated 4 bikes for the police department.  Kleberg bank donated 4 additional bikes in January 1998 with CPL purchasing an electric bike for the department in August 1998.

The La Posada Parade utilized the bike patrol for traffic control and proved to be very effective.