The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of one sergeant, two corporals, and nine detectives. This bureau is responsible for handling cases which may require additional follow-up and resources. Each member of this bureau possesses unique qualities and skill sets which provide for an active and dynamic approach to problem solving and crime detection.

Responsibilities of the Criminal Investigations Bureau are as follows:

  • INVESTIGATE crimes against persons and property including, but not limited to, property damage and destruction, theft and financial crimes, fraud and identity theft and physical and sexual assaults.
  • PROCESS crime scenes utilizing methodologies such as: dusting for latent print impressions, swabbing for DNA evidence, forensic photography and crime scene sketching, motor vehicle accident reconstruction and evidence analysis and recovery.
  • INTERVIEW victims, witnesses and suspects and INTERROGATE perpetrators whom are believed to be responsible for criminal violations.
  • COLLABORATE with a multitude of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies on investigations which require interagency resources.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau maintains a solid working relationship with the patrol division—a division which also consists of highly skilled individuals—to help with crime prevention and detection. The solvability of a crime largely depends on the resources and skill sets of the officers handling the case during the initial phase of the investigation.

The police department relies on members of the public and encourages their cooperation and participation during investigations. The patrol officers and detectives are sensitive to the questions, comments and concerns of community members and therefore make every effort to foster a professional, confidential relationship with victims and witnesses.